Black Forest


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27 September to 7 October 2007

3149.6 kilometers = 1957 miles

That's how many miles we drove in Germany!

Russell and I flew from Houston to München (Munich) via Paris. Upon arrival, we picked up a black 2007 Mercedes Benz 200 CDI station wagon. And we did a whirlwind tour of Germany.

We visited Volkswagen's Die Gläserne Manufaktur (the Transparent Factory) in Dresden as well as Volkswagen's Autostadt in Wolfsburg. We stayed with Stefan and Doris in Hamburg. And I had my currywurst fix!!! *smacks*

Then we stayed with Christof and Pilar in Frankfurt. Lunch with Barbara, Lea and Britta in Köln (Cologne). And we also stayed with Blair and Erik in a small town near Ramstein. Visited Baden Baden, and ventured into Schwarzwald (Black Forest). We stayed with Stefan and Christof's mother, Heide, at their vacation home near Triberg. Drove down to the tip of Bodensee (Lake Constance) at Konstanz before returning back to München. Dropped off the Mercedes, and checked into the Hilton.

1957 miles! Wheeeee! We had lot of fun driving 120+ MPH on the AutoBahn! Even though gasoline was around $98 to $105 to fill up the 16 gallon tank. Thank goodness t'was diesel, otherwise we'd be paying more.

Okotberfest was a BLAST! We met Andreas and Christoles on Friday (and stayed up until real late), and Stefan flew in on Saturday. We met up with Andreas, Christoles and Helmut. With Stefan's magic... we got ourselves into a beer hall, which was over capacity until closing. And more beer even though we were beyond exhausted. Slept for a couple hours, then took the subway to the airport for our return to USA.

Russell and I are already talking about going back for another round of Oktoberfest! Wanna join us? :o)