2007 = super+superb!

  • NEW for 2008*! A shortcut right here! Go to PICTURES now! Skip below if you wish! ;o)
  • NEW for 2008*! Non-traditional holiday e-card. I know! But I have to show off my mom's artwork. Lately, she has been using coloring marker pens on business cards or index cards. She has been an artist all my life, and we have some great paintings around the house.
  • NEW for 2008*! Shortest ever e-card! How's that?
  • In memory of

    REID HUNT, who moved onto the next level on January 28, 2007. And I really like his quote. By the way, Mount Rainier is still waiting for your return, where ever you are...
  • Since February 2007, I moved into a new role within Sprint Relay. Am working as events and logistics coordinator, which means overseeing national events and tradeshows. Absolutely great people at Sprint Relay! Bar none.
  • Worked with Darren for photo shoots with Sprint Relay, which took several months. Great experience in itself.
  • Was out on the road pretty much in 2007. Not home often enough. Twice I was home less than 7 days for the whole month. :o/ This year should be different. I should be home more.
  • Five wonderful major trips in 2007, unlike zero trips in 2006. Two were carry overs from 2006.
  • Surprised Joyce big time for her big 4-0 in Denver. Even Mom and Dad drove up from Houston in the snow!


*  The new 2008 edition has many features and holiday tidbits that were not included in the 2007 edition. This is largely due to the fact that there was no 2007 edition.  ;op


2008 = LIVE your LIFE


~ with love ~

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