ahoy! welcome to the realm of Xq28,
which is the former name of this
website before being renamed to 240i.com

all you will find is a chamelon of interests
belonging to the one and the only
dan brubaker!



i don't think my mom and dad would be still
alive if there's a twin - i'm the long lost
brother of Calvin (and Hobbes) and my
sister had been a great victim! no wonder she's
been acting somewhat loony those days!


i grew up in utah (for the nth time,
no, i'm not a mormon) and kansas
(and again, i never saw any tornadoes,
and no, dorothy isn't my long lost relative).
after a long stint at gallaudet
university in washington, district of
(yeah, my personalized
car license tags were, and
still are Xq28!) before moving to
kentucky in 1996. and i went
to the kentucky derby three Xs!


and then onwards to houston, texas;
rochester, new york
and guess what?
i ended moving back to WDC for 2 more years.


and la la la! an most unexpected
thing happened, only 2 weeks
after i had re-financed my condo
in takoma park, maryland...
i got a job offer in seattle,
washington. and i've not
looked back since then as i love
it out here. but how long this
love will last?


i come from a 4th generation DEAF family
- who lives all over the united states of america -
from coast to coast!!!

the origin of our family name is from SWITZERLAND!
and i'm a pure American mutt - with lineage coming
from Great Britain (my mother's side - Brooksher
and Davis), Germany and The Netherlands
(my father's paternal side - Brubaker and Brubaker,
my great grandparents were first cousins) and France
(my father's maternal side - LaRosh).
not only that, all moved to USA in the 1600s and 1700s.


without much ado, here's dan !!!