Russian Exchange Program

Kentucky School for the Deaf
Danville, Kentucky


Kamensk Boarding School for the Deaf
Kamensk, Rostov Region


as part of the EcoBridge School Linkages Program


Russian Manual Alphabet
from the Russian Sign Language Project


KBSD visits KSD, November 1996

The Russians Were Here!
by Artie Grassman

My Experience with the REP
by Herbert Tackett

Russians in Kentucky
by Herbert Tackett


KSD visits KBSD, April 1997

Reflections on Russia
by Artie Grassman

Kentucky Students Visit Russia!
by Herbert Tackett


KSD visits KBSD, November 1997

Journals of Russia
edited by Dan Brubaker & Rita Zirnheld

Learning About Themselves in Russia
as featured in Delta Air Lines' Fantastic Flyer


KBSD visits KSD, April 1998

Code Name: REP98
by Dan Brubaker


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