Fa la la la la 1998 ! ! !


Yo yo yo!   Ahem, ho ho ho!

This year, I am doing something different!
Last year, I sent out 127 Christmas cards!

This year, I know I would not want to do another
127, or even 150! And get another writer's cramp!

So here I am! With this e-card!
So, my friends: don't you cry, don't you pout!
'Cause Santa Claus is coming to town!

And yeah, Jerrilyn, you may leave me another
bag of coal, like you did the last time!
I have always been a bad boy and always will!


(evil snickering)


Long live, Calvin ! ! ! ! ! !
Don't ye ever say DUH, because
you will be sorry, watch me!


(heh heh heh)



Remember what Simon said?